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Why Pre-K Graduation IS a Big Deal!

My oldest son just graduated from Pre-K. We've had the date on our calendars since last August and he has talked about this event and the subsequent transition to kindergarten for most of that time. While the logistical planning for this day meant submitting for a personal day off of work and deciding what my... Continue Reading →

How is a teacher’s salary decided?

Within this past year we have seen many teacher strikes fueled by the state of education, including the low teacher salary. As a teacher a salary is usually non-negotiable; you are placed on a salary schedule based on two factors. Years in education and degrees/number of credits above a degree. Me at a teacher rally... Continue Reading →

Clothes are the WORST

I hate getting dressed. ¬†Literally, every morning I stand in front of my closet and gripe to my husband about how that moment is the worst part of my day. ¬† I have no inherent fashion sense and I struggle to simply match clothing. ¬†Without my husband I would have never known that brown and... Continue Reading →

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