Why VIPKID is the Best Job Ever!

I have been working for VIPKID since November of 2017. I stumbled upon an ad on Facebook in a sleepy state and started to fill in my information on the application. At the time I had never heard of VIPKID and didn’t really pay attention to this teaching online stuff. I was busy with a 3 year old and an infant and, while I knew I needed to make more money because of said 3 year old and infant, I just didn’t have time to fit in another job…also because of said 3 year old and infant! I second guessed myself almost immediately, told myself I’d do some research and then come back to complete the application if it looked legit. I then went to sleep and completely forgot about it!

Got my orange…I’m ready to teach!

A few days later I got a phone call from a restricted number. I typically don’t answer restricted calls anymore but for some reason I answered (I think I was just craving adult interaction after a day with just my kids). It was a woman with a Chinese accent and whom I almost wrote off immediately as a telemarketer; I mean, she did call from a restricted number!

I decided to give her the time of day and she explained that she got my information from my partial, yet not actually submitted, application online (seemed a bit creepy…but for some reason I heard her out). She said we could complete the application process over the phone. For some reason I trusted this random ‘restricted’ woman and answered her questions. She informed me that I passed the application screening and that the next step would be an interview. We set up a time and I began my journey through the hiring process.

The hiring process for VIPKID is probably the hardest part about working for them. It’s multi-step, which includes multiple lesson demos. It can mean putting in a lot of time and effort on creating backgrounds and rewards. For me it meant studying the material that was sent, watching a few YouTube videos, and just doing my best! I didn’t even have a location to teach from when I interviewed; I sat on my couch!

Anyways, after an interview and a mock class over the VIPKID platform I was officially hired. And, although I was hesitant at first, I have not once regretted answering the phone that day. I have since learned that VIPKID is the best job. Well..mostly. My first class didn’t go so well. Check it out:

It’s all gone up hill from there. Here’s why I believe that VIPKID is the best job ever….and I think you will, too!

The flexibility is incredible. As a 1099 employee (meaning your contracted my the company, but not officially their ’employee’), you can work as much or as little as you want. Want to work full time hours? Go for it! Just want to make a little extra spending money for the week, open up 2 class slots! You want to take a vacation? No need to ‘take off.’ You just don’t submit availability for that week! Have some important family events coming up…no problem! You can literally work when you want to work and the amount you want to work. There are no minimums to meet!

This means it’s good when you have children! One of my hesitations about getting a second job was being able to work around my kids’ schedules. Well, with VIPKID I am able to work before they wake up or after they go to sleep. No need to worry about sitters! I had to adjust my schedule a bit, but it hasn’t really affected my family. Now that my kids are a little older they are trained to use their tablets to ‘babysit’ them if Mom is still teaching when they wake up. I don’t even feel guilty about it because I know I still have the whole day to provide actual human interaction!

The lessons are already made. Hesitant because you just don’t know the scope and sequence of teaching the English language to non-native speakers? Or just have never had to plan a lesson before? Or don’t want to spend time lesson planning? Well..all of the lessons are already created! It takes seriously minimal prep work to be ready to teach a lesson, especially once you’ve taught a few and get the feel for how a lesson is supposed to go. Seriously…I take about 5 minutes to prepare (and by that I mean skim through the slides) for the next day’s lessons.

You can jazz up your classroom…or not. Be the teacher you want to be! Love creating ‘classroom’ boards on Pinterest and recreating what you see? You can do that! Hate decorating and putting time and energy into what you consider ‘fluff?’ Don’t! It’s your classroom. If you build it…they will come. It’s YOU they keep coming back for!

The kids are amazing! Like seriously. Fun and serious about learning. Great personalities. Genuinely interested in learning about you and your culture! I have some students that have even gotten to know my son! And if you have the rare behavior student, parents are nearby AND it’s only 25 minutes. You can do this, no problem.

Two of my all time favorite students! I teach them 3-4 times a week!

You get to teach. Yes. For real. Something that has been lost in a lot of education for many reasons. But here, you get a dedicated 25 minutes a class for pure teaching. It is glorious.

I mean, there’s also the money. You probably wouldn’t be looking into VIPKID if it wasn’t for wanting to make a few extra bucks. The average teacher makes about $20 and hour. Not too shabby for waking up, brushing your hair (maybe) and teaching in your PJs! Think about all the gas money you’ll save.

There are workshops and certifications to help you keep becoming a better teacher! Not sure about a certain level? Or just want to increase your general knowledge about teaching English Language Learners? There are free classes for that! Yes, free! Sometimes they even provide incentives for completing coursework.

Opportunites for advancement. Want to do more than teach? After you’ve gotten your feet wet and have taught 1,000 classes you can apply for other positions such as mentors, curriculum developers, and social media gurus! For real! This is your job and your brand…take it in whatever direction you’d like.

VIPKID offers bonuses. Okay, so not in the “Christmas bonus” sense, but they do reward you for simple things. Right now they are offering bonuses for just opening up a certain number of primetime spots. The often have contests to win trips to China and other incentives throughout the year that just pad your wallets a little bit more.

An example of how VIPKID offers ‘bonuses’!

Whether you are a teacher by trade and just want to add a little more spice to your career, or you just enjoy kids and think this sounds super fun and like something you can do VIPKID is a great job! It started off pretty sketchy with the restricted number phone call…but everything has been great ever since! Check out the videos below if you’re thinking about applying.

What do I need to apply?

As I’m deveoping my brand as a VIPKID teacher I’m branching out into sharing this wonderful opportunity with others (Yet another direction you can take your VIPKID business)! If you have any questions or would like any support through the hiring process please do not hesitate to reach out.

Wondering what you need to get started?
–Bachelor’s Degree (any field)
–Kid Experience (does not have to be teaching experience)

To begin the application process click here.

To ask questions or just say ‘hello’ e-mail me here: vipmelissasumner@gmail.com

I hope to hear about your VIPKID journey soon.

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