About Me

I’m just a mother, wife, teacher, law student…sitting in front of her computer…asking a blogging community to love her!


But seriously…I am a wife and mother who is trying to find fulfillment in my career! Since 2007 I have been a special education teacher and an instructional coach. After multiple teacher burnouts I have decided to go to law school and document my journey. As a first generation law student, mother to a kindergartner and a toddler, and wife to a husband with his own business this next step will really be a balancing act.

I am a perpetual learner and joke about (but really wish for) the opportunity to get paid to go to school full time and earn as many degrees as I can. I LOVE change and get impatient when things are too steady for too long. Since meeting my husband we’ve been through a steady series of changes; I’ve changed my name, state, job, motherhood status (2x)…and now I’m ready for another big change…becoming a Juris Doctorate (aka: a lawyer). I’m an imperfectionist and planner. An educator and a learner. I’m frugal and interested in living a little bit larger…still frugally.   I’m boring and complicated and look forward to laughing, crying, stressing out, and succeeding with the blogosphere!

Follow my journey through parenting, teaching, ‘wifing,’ and schooling!


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