Monster Fun at Monster Jam!

I love free events...and I'm sure I'll love free events even more when I start law school and am missing half my salary.  Luckily, we have been in the habit of taking advantage of any perks we can.  One of those perks is free tickets to events courtesy of my life insurance company.  Through my... Continue Reading →

The Plan: A Time Capsule here’s the plan.  Consider this a ‘time capsule’ that I seal up and open up again in 3-4 years after I complete law school and take the Bar exam to see how well it worked out!  Idealistic and naive?  Or TOTALLY doable?  Go to law school part-time; the part-time program meets about every other... Continue Reading →

The Catalyst

Since announcing my upcoming career change to the world I’ve heard the same comment more than a few times:  “Wow!  So many people talk about leaving education, but it never happens because of kids and life.” I decided to take this leap because of kids and life.  I am not happy in education.  I’ve seen... Continue Reading →


The transition from teacher to law student to lawyer is bound to be exciting...especially when 2 boys and a husband are thrown in the mix!

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