Clothes are the WORST

I hate getting dressed.  Literally, every morning I stand in front of my closet and gripe to my husband about how that moment is the worst part of my day.   I have no inherent fashion sense and I struggle to simply match clothing.  Without my husband I would have never known that brown and gray match!  Go figure.

As a teacher fashion doesn’t really matter.  You get marker, pen, snot, spit, and if you’re really luck puke on your person daily.  Why would you want a fancy wardrobe for that!?!

My first five years of teaching I dressed like a college student; jeans, sweatshirt, my trusty $2 Old Navy flip flops in every color!  It was great.  When I changed jobs and was older I did try to acquire a more professional wardrobe.  I still loved shopping at Old Navy and would pick up items here and there.  I tried Stitch Fix and ThredUp Goody Boxes.  I definitely got some items that I never would have even thought about purchasing in stores from those subscriptions…and loved them!  I looked more professional than I did at my first job wearing these clothes, but nothing compared to what I will need to wear as a lawyer!

So, right now if someone asked me what stresses me out the most about becoming a lawyer I would say the wardrobe.  I’m good at school; I’m passionate about what I’m doing; and I’ll figure out what I don’t know along the way.  What perplexes me and gives me anxiety are thoughts like:  What do lawyers wear?  How do I find clothese like that?  Is it expensive?  Can I just ask Stitch Fix, ThredUp, and Wantable to find my clothes for me and trust them to give me what I need?  Do these colors go together?  Can I still shop at Old Navy!?!?!

I know, it’s kind of a weird stressor; but despite having to get dressed every day I still feel that I don’t have best handle on it.  And now that I need to look uber professional and educated I’m just not sure how to get started…

If you need me you’ll find be surfing the boards of Pinterest and Googling “What Do Lawyers Wear?”  I’ll post some updates when I find the answer. 🙂

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